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How to age well with paralysis

How to Age Well With Paralysis — Part II

In this post, I recap more tips from the Spina Bifida Association on how to deal with age-related conditions like back pain, shoulder and wrist pain, and osteoporosis — all of which those of us who live with paralysis are more likely to experience.

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Here's how to age well with paralysis

How to Age Well With Paralysis

Aging can be hard, but it’s possible to age well with paralysis. Follow these tips from the Spina Bifida Association, and you’ll be much more likely to stay healthy and out of the hospital as you get older.

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Clean out your medicine cabinet to better manage your health.

Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet for Better Health

If you’re like a lot of people, you haven’t cleaned out your medicine cabinet in more than a year — and those aging, unchecked medications can become hazardous to your health. Here’s how to get your medicine cabinet up to speed in just a few simple steps.  

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5 Mobile Health Care Apps You Need Now

There’s a dizzying array of fitness, health, and wellness apps. To help you sort through them, here are five indispensable mobile health care apps you can use to track medications, find or even meet with doctors, and more.

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